Review: FINIS H2 Goggles

When my daughter was learning how to swim, I was told that goggles would help her progress. So I picked up some cheapie goggles at a local store. I didn’t think she would actually want to wear goggles so I didn’t want to invest much. Well … she had no problem putting on the goggles but she did have a problem keeping them on. They leaked and were uncomfortable so Adelaide was not impressed. I think she maybe lasted two minutes in them each time. So … I did a bit of research and found the ultra cute and well reviewed FINIS H2 goggles on Amazon. I ordered a pair and viola! She loved them. I mean … they were pink so I knew she would at least like how they looked. finisgoogles

The FINIS H2 goggles fit great and are comfortable. She has never had any leaking and her hair has never tangled in the straps. Other than comfort, the likelihood of the straps getting caught in her very long curly hair was a big thing for me.

We swim almost every day and these have been great. In fact, I attribute the goggles to her speedy development in underwater swimming. I am amazed when I watch her swim, jump and dive.! I highly recommend these goggles for any child. Adelaide started wearing hers when she was three years old so they are great for younger kids. They come in a variety of colors which is great for picky swimmers like mine. Plus! The price was great … just under $10 USD.

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