Three Must-Do’s in St. Maarten/Saint Martin

One our recent trip to St. Maarten we discovered three great activities I recommend to anyone. All are family friendly.

Loterie Farm

Located on the French Saint-Martin Loterie Farm is a nature sanctuary with a fabulous restaurant, zip lines, hiking trails and pool area. We started with lunch at the Hidden Forest Café IMG_20150426_200832with great comfort food in an amazing nature setting. Then we moved on to zip lining the Fly Zone – 35+ feet off the ground whizzing between majestic mango and mahogany trees on a series of ropes, cables, and suspended bridges. But my favorite spot on the farm was L’eau Lounge – a gorgeous haven featuring a natural spring-fed swimming pool and jacuzzi. You can get lounge chairs for the day and order food and drinks. Music is always playing by a DJ perched above in a tree house. Overall, it was a great relaxing spot and one we will definitely go back to.

Water UFO

Head to Chesterfields dock for a unique water experience that is out of this world (sorry … I

Laura Cotton thrills on the Water UFO in St. Maarten (Photo by Sean Drakes/Latin Content/Getty Images)

Laura Cotton thrills on the Water UFO in St. Maarten (Photo by Sean Drakes/Latin Content/Getty Images)

couldn’t resist the pun). Water UFO (which stands for Unbelievably Fun Object but it does look a little like a flying saucer) was designed and created by the owner, the energetic Nancy. I loved her from the first minute she hugged me so hard I was lifted off my feet. Her creation is the only such watercraft for salt water. The UFO is motorized but it has no steering wheel or handles. You steer and turn using only your body weight. Since most of the time you are in the craft with another person it is a real exercise in teamwork since you both have to do the same thing to steer it effectively. If you are a bit timid to take it out by yourself or with another notive, one of the UFO team will gladly go out with you. They claim no one has ever fallen out which I find hard to believe since the combination of choppy water and my tired arms risked breaking that record. The experience was great and different. We highly recommend you try this out!

Cheri’s Café

IMG_20150425_202729We headed to Cheri’s Café in Maco Village on our first night in St. Maarten and man! It was a great way to jump into our week experience. The menu is vast and the food good but the entertainment is what you go for. Sure it is a little tourist-trappy but who cares when you laugh that hard? “The Sweet Chocolate Band” provides the only live dinner show in SXM. The guy’s humor, wit and vibe are contagious and you cannot help but sing along and wave that silly hand clapper. I mean … what else would you do when a grown man comes out unapologetically in a banana costume singing about … well … “bananas.” I love the fact that they encourage dancing and letting loose on the dance floor regardless of age. The young kids particularly seemed to like that. This is a great place to come as a family and to make some fun memories.

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