Restaurant Review: One Nineteen West Main, LaGrange, Kentucky

Today I had lunch with a dear friend from my teenage years … Kelly Wakild White. Back then I so admired her vivacious and magnetic personality and 20 years later I still do.  That chick has not changed one bit and my esteem for her hasn’t either. She is stinkin’ hilarious and a darling.  She recently moved to Oldham County, KY from a neighboring county and so I suggested we visit one of my favorite eating spots in LaGrange: One Nineteen West Main.

One Nineteen West Main is a family-owned restaurant on the quaint Main Street section of

One Nineteen West Main's

One Nineteen West Main’s
“Haute Brown”

LaGrange. We’re talking train-running-through-the-street-mere-feet-away-from the-turn-of-the-century-buildings quaint. The restaurant’s menu is full of clever versions of local favorites like homemade kettle chips,  “Haute Brown” or “Thanksgiving Dinner on A Bun” (all fabulous, by the way) that satisfy my cravings for real comfort food. Living in the Caribbean for so long has given me a deep appreciation for food that is familiar and cozy.

The waitstaff at One Nineteen West Main is friendly and warm, suggesting their favorites dishes and offering sweet tea, lemonade or Coke products (so ya’ll know you’re in the South). And the witty menu descriptions of each dish accentuates the whole experience to make it feel like you’re in a conversation with your funny favorite next door neighbor.

Besides … who can resist the Kentucky Bacon Pie?  Creamy caramel filling blessed with pralines, chocolate chips, diced bacon (yes, really!) on a scratch-made pretzel crust with a mocha whipped cream topping! They say “think chocolate-covered pretzels or salted caramel — bacon isn’t the main flavor.” Yum!

Try out One Nineteen West Main the next time you’re in LaGrange, or make the drive for that

I couldn't resist sharing this picture of Kelly and I on Main Street LaGrange ... squinty eyes and all!

I couldn’t resist sharing this picture of Kelly and I on Main Street LaGrange … squinty eyes and all!

very purpose. Then saunter up and down Main Street. I am sure you will be as charmed as I am ever time.

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