A Jewel of an Experience: Davis Jewelers

Me, the watch and Mr. Hank Davis of Davis Jewelers

Me, the watch and Mr. Hank Davis of Davis Jewelers

I walked into Davis Jewelers in Louisville, Kentucky to get a tiny little hidden diamond on wedding ring fixed (actually it’s my engagement ring but I liked it so much I didn’t want to clutter it with another ring after the hubby and I got hitched). My sister had helped my husband get my ring so I actually had never been in Davis Jewelers before. Of course, I was impressed with classy-but-not-over-the-top building and the refined interior (and certainly appreciated the kids play area even though I didn’t bring along my little tikes) but it was the people that won me over.

After I left my ring with the lovely lady arranging the repair, I casually meandered over to the watches section just out of curiosity. My husband has this uber-expensive watch he laments not being able to wear because the band needs to be replaced but the cost is … well … utterly ridiculous. I wondered what the prices were on other nice timepieces. Well … as I was taking a quick peek the nicest gentleman ever approached me and asked me if he could help me with something. I did see a watch that caught my fancy so I figured why not at least see it up close. Well … the man was none other than Mr. Hank Davis himself, President & CEO.

At first I was surprised that the CEO would be assisting customers instead of holing up in an office; then I was flattered that he was the one helping me; and then I was just completely won over with his gentle professionalism, kindness and amazing knowledge of every product. The result: I walked out with a gorgeous Longines watch for my husband for Father’s Day and to reward him for endearing a rough year.

Now … I had NO INTENTION of getting anything other than a repaired wedding ring but the amazing service sold me something I didn’t even think I wanted. It is so true that personal attention and non-pushy service will win sales … I am living proof.

So … I highly recommend Davis Jewelers to anyone in the Louisville, Kentucky area not only for their flawless service but also because they are homegrown, family business. The family business started ages ago and then young Hank decided to check out the jewelry industry (I admire the courageous risk, Hank). He started modest in downtown Louisville but evolved Davis Jewelers into a respected and beloved jewelry source for fine fashion jewelry, bridal jewelry and Swiss watches. Now his daughter, Ashley, is in the business as VP and other associates seem like family, too. And the fact that Davis Jewelers is the Official Fine Jeweler of the Kentucky Derby Festival is just plain warm-fuzzy for me who gets all sentimental wherever I am in the world on the first Saturday in May.

If you can’t go in person, check out their online store at www.davisjewelers.com. I am sure their service is just as grand there.

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