TOP 10: Zachary Simmons hashtag royalty


I first met Zachary Simmons in Trinidad for Carnival 2010. I was part of a group organizing Carnival packages and he was one of our VIP guests. Amid crazy schedules, fabulous fetes, insanely trying to meet up “on the road”, and the hopeless feat of finding an open restaurant in Port of Spain on Carnival Monday night, we bonded.

Zach is one of the hardest working people I know. I asked him one day how he did it all: creative directing mega music stars (can you say Beyonce?), covering red carpet events, blogging for, and everything else in entertainment. His answer: “I don’t sleep much.”

If you follow him on social media you know he is the Hashtag King! I seek out his postings just to have a good laugh at his hilarious hashtags. So I asked him what comes to mind if he had to write something to go along with these hashtags? Here’s what he said:

#misheardlyrics “If You Want It, Lets Do It Ride It My Pony”. Not sure if that the clean version or I just sang it that way as a kid but as an adult I realized it’s “If Your Horny, Lets Do it, Ride it, My Pony”. I definitely had no clue what he was singing about at the age … lol.

#mysuperpower would be to snap my fingers and just appear wherever I wanted or needed to be in seconds.

#iusedtothink that life gets easier when you’re older.

#whydonttheymakethat? Why don’t they make pizza deliveries 24 hours?

#mineisbetterthanyours My singing voice is better than yours … lol.

#icantlivewithoutit  Music & my faith. It’s everything to me. I don’t think I could ever function without it.

#distewmuch The rent in NYC & LA … lol.

#idratherbe Living in London exploring new talent & opportunities.

#dontjudge people or a book by its cover. Everything has a story and some are worth reading.

#thankful for life and the many opportunities I’ve been able to have which has opened more doors and created great friendships.

Connect with Zach at  16-instagram   16-facebook

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