I am the mother of two beautiful children, stepmom to three sweeties, a wife of a loving husband, a public relations consultant, and advocate. While I take care of my family and my clients, I often forget to take care of myself. This is part of my journey to bring Laura Lee back to life.

One day I realized my life was coasting by … that my zeal had lost some oomph. No ma’am. I won’t settle for that. I refuse to be a shadow of myself. This lady is living. Laura Lee Living.

I’ve been blessed with years of fun single-lady, working-woman, travel-addict, expat-life adventures. Now my adventures include cutie-patootie kids and a hot husband. Sometimes I need to remind myself that I was once unquestionably exciting and carefree and I can be so still. Sharing my stories helps me regain some of my pizazz and helps me recognize the story-worthy details that surround me every day. And interviewing people I admire is one way I continue to learn and be inspired.

Born in Georgia and raised in Kentucky, USA, I was the typical American girl: captain of the cheerleading squad, VP in National Honor Society, officer in university student government, and choir director at church. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, I entered the corporate PR world with Delta Air Lines in Atlanta, Ga., and slowly made my way further and further south. I stopped for a while in Antigua, then spent a glorious decade in Trinidad and Tobago. Now we’re back up North braving the winter cold. Brrrrrr.

Contact: leekonglaura@gmail.com


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