Top 10: Laura Dowrich-Phillips the Editorial Ambassador of Caribbean Life

Laura Dowrich-Phillips, the self proclaimed “Editorial Ambassador of Caribbean Life” is everywhere. At a fashion event? She’s there. Inside a fete? She’s there. St Lucia Jazz Festival? Yep … there, too. I first meet her several years ago (can’t even recall exactly where and when) and instantly liked her. Her wit makes me smile and envious at the same time. Why can’t I be that cool? If it weren’t for her active social media accounts I would never know what’s really happening in T&T while I’ve gone “foreign.”

A media heavyweight in Trinidad & Tobago, Laura always demonstrates perfect balance of professional and personal. I thought it was about time she be on the other side of an interview.

  1. You’re very well liked and respected in regional media. To what do you contribute that?
    LDP: That’s nice to know, thanks. I guess it’s because I am good at telling other people’s stories. I think I have a unique ability to really get to know someone and tell their story in such a way that other people can get to know them easily. Plus I’m cute…lol.
  2. What is your biggest compliment and critique of T&T media?
    LDP: Biggest compliment…T&T media are sharks, highly competitive and that’s good, nothing like the adrenaline rush trying to be the first to break a story. Biggest critique … too many people doing the same things. Yes, politics is hot and sells but there are so many other areas such as education, labour, the environment, tourism, entrepreneurship, health, community etc that are teeming with stories even bacchanal that are begging to be covered and covered in depth.
  3. What are your top tips for people trying to get news covered?
    LDP: Follow the news format. Have an angle. We need to know what the story is from the get go. This applies particularly to press releases. We aren’t interested in the accolades of your client or product; we want the story. What is the story? Let that be clear in the first line and keep the releases short. Check your spelling and punctuation. Those things are massive turnoffs. And don’t try to show off your knowledge of the English language … just keep it simple. Remember you aren’t writing a release to impress your client, you are writing a release to get published or spark an interest in the media for a story.
  4. What is your super power to make parenting and career life work?
    LDP: Pray and laughter. They both keep me sane and calm. I have to keep a cool head on both fronts cause they both get intense and if I don’t stay cool I’d probably combust.
  5. What would be some songs on the soundtrack of your life?
    LDP: “Let’s Go Crazy” by Prince, “I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Khan and “Like a Boss” by Machel Montano
  6. You’re standing in front of a bunch of teenagers and you can only give them one piece of advice … what would it be?
    LDP: Travel, travel, travel. It’s the best experience you can ever have.
  7. What is one skill you learned from mothering three kids that has helped you in your career?
    LDP: To just get it done. When a baby wants to do something he just does it. They don’t care about obstacles and as my children get older I try to teach them how to overcome obstacles and not make excuses. I do the same in my career. No matter the obstacles I try to just get it done. I’ve also learned a bit of magic, like making holes in bread disappear…hoping that’d come in handy at work some day.
  8. If you were given a chance, what reality show would you enter?
    LDP: Biggest Loser cause I NEED to lose weight like yesterday ‘cept I don’t want the whole world to see me in a bra top and tights.
  9. If I came to your home and looked inside the refrigerator, what would I find?
    LDP: Plenty beer…lol. We don’t drink at home but we always got stuff chilled in the event that we have guests.
  10. Who else would you like to see answer a Top 10?
    LDP: Essiba Small16-facebook

Top 10 Benefits of Having a High-Pressure Career before Having Kids

  1. I can look as cool as a single girl lounging at the pool when my kids are tearing in two separate directions at the playground.laura OPM 29mar2012_v2
    Though I may not feel so calm on the inside.
  2. I can negotiate like a beast with my four-year old
    Adelaide was born with the negotiation skills of steel.
  3. I can tune out almost any noise thanks to my early careers days working in a cubicle.
    Those pesky toys with sound? Don’t even hear ‘em.
  4. Multitasking? Not a problem.
    As I am writing this I’m brushing Adelaide’s My Little Pony hair at her request, planning dinner, and making sure Oliver doesn’t escape out of the doors he just figured out how to open.
  5. My difficult bosses and clients were a great warm-up to the most demanding bosses ever – 18-month-old Oliver and four-year old Adelaide.
    And demanding is an understatement.
  6. After making big decisions affecting the fate of thousands of people, picking out names and schools doesn’t seem so intimidating
    Though that daily what-to-make-for-dinner decision is a killer.
  7. I’m comfortable being resourceful and solving problems in a pinch.
    It is amazing what you can find in your bag that can double as a toy.
  8. Efficiency? Got that down.
    I only have 30 minutes to bathe both kids, myself, dress all three, pack snacks and necessities in a bag, send off three important emails and make that phone call? Consider it done!
  9. I’ve been primed to live on little sleep and meals.
    Wait?! It’s been 10 hours since I last ate and I’m still on the road? Gimme a few Goldfish and I’m good.
  10. I understand non-stop from morning ‘til night.
    That crazy stressful job when I woke up at 4 a.m. to attack the to-do list before people started to blow up my phone? That was a perfect indoctrination to the world of babies and toddlers and the on-the-clock-round-the-clock life of motherhood.