Cinnamon Sugar Pie Bites

I wasn’t at all saddened today when a package of frozen prepared piecrust fell to the floor and scattered. Oh no … not at all. Now I could make cinnamon sugar pie bites guilt free.

My mother used to make extra pie crust dough when I was young so we could roll it out in small pieces, sprinkle on cinnamon sugar and bake them until they were a glorious golden brown flakey treat. I now do that for my kids (ahem … and myself).

Here’s the simple to-do:


Uncooked pie crust dough (homemade or otherwise… no judgements here)

Mixture of cinnamon and white granulated sugar (whatever ratios fit your taste)

Softened butter (or margarine)


Preheat oven to 350 degree F.

Prepare a baking sheet with parchment paper or nonstick spray.

Roll out or press pie crust into whatever shape you like (you could even shape them into your kid’s name initials). Or break apart a frozen pie crust. I like to make the shapes smallish (1-2 inches) to make them easier to pop in my mouth. But the size and shape is really up to you.

Place the dough shapes on the prepared baking sheet.

Brush on soften butter in the dough bits and sprinkle cinnamon sugar mixture on top.

Place in oven for about 10 minutes or golden brown.

If you can’t resist the cool-down wait, I feel you. I have burned my mouth too many times. No shame.

Top 10 Timeless Quality of a Lady

A “lady” has evolved significantly throughout the ages. While at one time ladies were expected to wear hats and gloves in public, today’s dress standard doesn’t include such wardrobe details. And while it was once required for a lady to have an escort to attend functions, today’s lady can go about independently. What is ageless are the characteristics of a lady that express her consideration and respect for others. Here are 10 timeless qualities of a lady:

  1. Accepts gentlemanly gestures: A lady allows a gentleman to show his respect and courtesy for her. She also allows other women to assist should she need. A lady understands that allowing others to be courteous is a powerful thing. (So say yes to his offer to help with your carry-on bag.)
  2. Watches her mouth: A lady uses the magic words (thank you, please, and excuse me) in her everyday language and avoids foul language. She also doesn’t assume that casual acquaintances are interested in unsolicited dialogue about personal troubles and keeps such conversations for the appropriate confidants. (And a lady knows when to close her mouth and be a good listener.)
  3. Primps in private: Should a lady need to touch up her makeup, reapply nail polish or adjust her clothes, she removes herself from the view of other people and goes to a washroom or private place. (What about perfume you ask? Same rule applies.)
  4. Greets people properly: A lady knows that it is a time-honored display of respect to stand to greet someone who just entered the room. (That rule isn’t just for men any more.) She also knows to smile, make eye contact, and give a firm handshake when meeting a person.
  5. Respects other people’s time: A lady tries her best to be on time. She understands that lateness may be interpreted as “I am more important that you or this event” which could cost her a friend, a job or an appointment. If being late is unavoidable, a lady will always contact the appropriate person to inform them of her estimated time of arrival with an apology.
  6. Deals politely with rudeness: A lady knows the true test of her grace and poise is when it is challenged by inconsiderate behavior. When someone is offensive, she gives the person the benefit of the doubt (knowing most people don’t mean to be rude) and never responds in the same way. She picks her battles, always thinks before she speaks, and chooses to be civil rather than to demean.
  7. Makes those in her presence feel valued: A lady will give genuine attention to those in her company and give them priority over those who communicating with her via phone. She understands it is rude to text or scroll through social media while speaking or listening to another person. (Yes, that means in a meeting, party, church, lecture, etc.)
  8. Knows how to say no: A lady knows how to respond to an unwanted advance in a way that will stop the behavior while not humiliating the other person. (“Sorry, dearie, I’m already taken.”) She also knows that while she should make herself available for family, friends, and career that she needs be aware of feeling stretched thin and pull back to sort out her priorities. A lady also knows to never say yes if she does not intend to keep the commitment.
  9. Gives and accepts compliments: A lady give compliments when they are deserved and sincere. She also graciously accepts compliments when offered to her. She doesn’t wave them off with a “Oh, it was nothing” but rather responds with a heartfelt “Thank you” or “You are so kind to say so.”
  10. Is prepared: A lady considers where she is going and carries items that are necessary to ensure a comfortable experience for herself and others. While certain events may require specific items (such as a scarf for the theatre or cough drops for a ticklish throat) basic things like tissues, aspirin, a pen, breath mints, and vex money are staple supplies in her bag.

A lady knows that beauty may fade and wealth may be fleeting but her character is how others will judge and remember her. Being considered a “lady” should be one of the highest compliments for a woman because it means she recognises her infinite worth and uses it to positively impact others.

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Top 10: Shani Sammons

Shani Sammons. How I love this lady! We first met when we both worked at ASA/Delta Connection waaaaaay back when in the early 2000s. Her energy and let’s-make-everything-fun attitude was magnetic. Everyone loved her (and still does). Taking advantage of our youth and flying benefits, we traveled the world together with a few other close friends. I have always admired her tenacity and desire to learn EVERYTHING. She has done more in her career so far than 10 people have done in their combined careers.

In her current role as head honcho at Shani Sammons Marketing Group (SSMG), Shani’s passion for connecting fans with their favorite artists through creative marketing/digital strategies has earned her opportunities to work with country music duo Sugarland, AT&T Country Deep, Sean Kingston, Styx, Mama Jan Smith, Sonia Leigh, Lady Antebellum, Jana Kramer, David Nail, Florida-Georgia Line, Cole Swindell, Delta Air Lines, Turner Broadcasting, and NASCAR. And that’s the short list. And I can’t forget to mention that Shani also currently serves on the Atlanta Chapter of the GRAMMY Recording Academy Board of Governors. Well deserved (and I’m not biased at all).

1. What is your favorite experience from the early days of your career?
SS: I did an internship with Delta Connection at Delta Air Lines I learned tons from the operations teams to marketing to customer service. But my favorite experience was when I got to fly on airplanes all day, fly to 4-5 states and spy on the flight attendants as a “secret shopper” to ensure they were doing their jobs and giving great customer service.

2. To what to you attribute your drive and ambition?
SS: I guess basically that we only get a few chances in life and we need to take risks and opportunities. Also, one of the things my Dad told me years ago was that opportunity only comes once or twice in a lifetime, so I should learn to evaluate the opportunity and take that risk. And my mom was very encouraging of me to get my MBA at Georgia Tech. I’ve had a very supportive family always.

3. Some people unfamiliar with you may see the zigzags in your career as unfocused. You went from customer service to air traffic control to social marketing to social media consulting across all sorts of industry (Nascar, country music, TV). How do you think all the twists and turns in your career have benefited you?
SS: I think the “zigzags” have been a good path for me. I say this because it has put me out of my comfort zone and led me to the next opportunity in my career path. Also, recruiters, hiring managers, etc., always tell me they love my diversity and the variation in my experience. One thing doesn’t change – I’ve always been creative and understood “strategy” so I think this is something I can use to contribute to any business model or organization. Who doesn’t love a good creative geek and someone who sees the bigger picture?

4. Who would you like to see answer a Top 10?
SS: Brandy Clark, one of my favorite songwriters, performers, and someone I highly admire in the music industry.

5. What to you do to jumpstart your creativity and ideas?
SS: I do tons of blog reading, Twitter stalking to see/understand trends. When I travel for work, I always take time to seek out creative spots to just take a minute to sit down and take it all in. I keep a small notebook with me and my iPad and take notes religiously.

6. If no one is around to “judge” what music do you put on?

7. What is your go-to food?
SS: I love a great pizza and I also like crab legs!

8. Do you have a bucket list? If so, name one thing on the list.
SS: My undergrad degree is in aviation management. I’d love to get my pilots license. I love airplanes.

9. What is your favorite memory of Laura Lee Cotton?
SS: I’ve got tons I could share. First, let me say how much I have always respected Laura, her work ethic, professionalism but above all how good she is with people. I think to do what she does she has to have be a rock star with people and she definitely is. But my favorite memory is our trips to Puerto Rico together back when we worked at Delta. We could just hop on a flight and travel anywhere together for free as long as there were seats available. We had such fun times there, trying great food, dancing at the Puerto Rican dance clubs. Our favorite place to stay was the Hilton in Old San Juan. I’d do anything to go back to those days with her!

10. What is your biggest brag professionally and personally? Now … don’t be modest. SS: Hmm … I guess me getting elected to the GRAMMY Recording Academy Board of Governors and I’m also pretty stoked that I went back to graduate school and got my Masters of Business Administration from Georgia Tech. That degree and experience truly has benefited my career and confidence.

Check out Shani’s work at SSMG.

Connect with her at  16-instagram   16-facebook